Scaredy Cat or Whatever Cat?

We all know cats are easily spooked and I’m pretty sure we all have scratch scars to prove it…but, somehow, I managed to adopt 2 cats who don’t give A F*CK about anything. Thunder and lightning? Meh. Fireworks? What fireworks? Gunshots? They lift their heads then go back to sleep. Needless to say, I rarely need to think about things like calmatives.

That being said, I know a lot of you are going to need calmatives for 4th of July and thunderstorms…so, here are my recommendations.

My all time favorite product for anxious pets is Rescue Remedy This product is something I’ve used for myself and my pets for years! It calms the anxious mind and the body, without making our pets groggy or dizzy. You can get it by clicking on the link or you can usually get it at your independent pet supply stores.

Next on the list is…of course, CBD. You can find this in almost all pet stores now. Just make sure it’s pure and only has hemp or coconut oil as an additive.

I also like Composure treats for cats, by VetriScience…if you can get your cats to wait them, these treats work well!

And that’s it for cat calmatives! I wish there were more options but, for our felines, that’s all I got.

Good luck with your scaredy cats this July 4th!