To Groom or Not to Groom…

So, here’s the thing…I work in a grooming salon now and, occasionally, we get people bringing in their cats for a groom. Usually, they are Persians but today, someone brought in their shorthaired black cat. There was no reason. This cat was young, healthy and had no matting…so why bring her in? I really have no clue.

She was so petrified that she peed when getting her nails trimmed, she pooped while getting a bath and she would not allow any of us to get her out of the kennel. It was a FULLY, TRAUMATIZING experience for her.

So, here’s the thing. If your cat is young, short-haired and grooming themselves regularly, DON’T GET THEM GROOMED! I cannot stress this enough. Cats are very CLEAN animals and, if they aren’t getting matted, are too old to groom themselves or otherwise get super dirty for some reason, there is NO REASON to take them in to get groomed!

This poor cat went through some shit that was 100% unnecessary. I felt terrible for her and so did her groomer. Both of us are what people call “cat whisperers” and this cat was so petrified that she tried to fuck both if us up. Don’t put your cats through traumatizing experiences, just to appease yourselves. Cats are such sensitive creatures and I want your cats to remain happy and healthy…I do not want them thinking that this is a normal thing they have to endure.

If your cat is long-haired and matted, sure, get them groomed. If your cat is old and not grooming themselves, okay, get them groomed. But if you have a healthy, young cat…ler them be. Their coats are there to protect them against cold AND heat. If they don’t HAVE to be shaved down, don’t shave them down!

Okay, that is all.


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