The Birds and The Bee Pollen

So, I’ve been out of work for a year and so I didn’t have much to say during that time. Apologies.

But now I’m back at work, talking to people about pet nutrition…yes, I’m back in pet food. I work at a grooming salon and dog bakery…it’s okay but I do enjoy helping people with their pet’s health, so that’s what I try to focus on.

Bugsy has had a stuffy and runny nose for as long as we’ve had him. I’ve been giving him lysine but it never seemed to help. I decided to try adding local bee pollen to his raw chicken and, sure enough, it works! I haven’t seen snot in days! I’m so thrilled by this and feel so much better now that he can breathe again.

If you have a pet who seems to have seasonal it environmental allergies, check out your local Whole Foods to see if they carry it. What a tiny miracle! Just add a tiny pollen pellet to the food, every day and you’re good!

Okay, that’s all for now.


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