My Cats Are Melting!

So, we have been in isolation for about 2 months. I lost my job, so we are just hanging out, watching TV and doing a whole lot of nothing. There is a heat wave in Las Vegas, and come to find out, our AC is broken! Ugh! It’s so hot in my house. I’ve been keeping my cat’s water bowl refreshed, every day and still feeding raw meat, which has enough moisture to keep them hydrated but I’m constantly worried about their well-being.


My poor babies are just kitty puddles, on the floor. So, what does a crazy cat servant do for them? Whatever I can! The 3 fans are going all day and all night, like the said, the water is fresh, every day, the meat is cold, although Bugsy doesn’t like it cold, and I’m adding as much extra moisture as I can to their diets. Until the AC is fixed, this is all I can do.

Luckily, the night time is cool still, because it’s only April and not in the midst of summer, so the windows and security door stays open most of the night, while the fans are blowing. Still, it makes me feel so bad for them. We aren’t getting our regular snuggles because it’s just too hot to touch each other, but Boo is missing his snuggles, so he comes for them in the morning when it’s still tolerable. I’ve been raising hell with my landlords about fixing the AC, so I’m hoping that a repair person will come tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I’m constantly watching them! Remember, fellow cat servants! Moisture in the food is the KEY!

Take care of yourselves! Stay away from other humans, keep your litter boxes clean and keep your minds active!


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