It is Time to Stop Jumping to Conclusions

Okay folks…I know everyone loves their pets and that we want them to be healthy and happy. That’s great…I want the same. However, we need to also be logical about things that may not be a veterinary emergency.

If your cat hasn’t pooped in the litter box for 3 weeks, and isn’t dead, then your cat is pooping elsewhere. If your dog is itchy and a bit flaky but not breaking out in hives, rashes or having that yeasty stink, chances are it’s just dry skin and they need a fish oil or better food, not allergy shots and benedryl or apoquel. If people on Facebook are yelling at you for feeding a grain-free diet to your dog because “grain-free food will KILL YOUR DOG”, do some research or talk to actual nutritionists to get the actual facts…shout to Melissa!

I’ve been working in pet nutrition for almost a decade now and have seen SO MANY fads, rumors and fear mongering, you wouldn’t believe it. We humans aren’t much better when it comes to our own fad diets, but you can do whatever you want with your own body…I really don’t care.  However, we are responsible for making sure our pets are getting what they need from their diet and this is my passion. I work, every day to try to educate people on dog and cat nutrition, only to be met with “I heard that grain-free food is bad” or “My vet says my fat cat needs to be on prescription food for weight loss”. Seriously, your cat needs meat and WAY less carbs and your dog is not going to die from grain-free food. These are just ways to fool you into buying certain brands that only have interest in their bottom line, NOT the health of your pet. If they were actually concerned with nutrition and not dollars, they would have a few formulas that would be good for all dogs or cats, not 15 different formulas for certain issues, or life stages or breeds (I could seriously write an entire book on why Royal Canin and their breed specific formulas are complete bullshit, but I won’t go there now), but they don’t. They try to manipulate you into thinking you NEED this specific food to help your 5 year old yorkie or 1 year old neutered male cat or your senior lab!

Seriously, these dogs and cats need a few basics, nutritionally speaking. They need animal protein, animal fat, essential fatty acids and water. That’s it! Give your animals these things and you will be fine. I go into my stores daily and see so many ridiculous options and I wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life. Well, what I’m doing is trying my best to weed through the bullshit and tell you the truth. I really DO want what is best for your carnivore.

Even though doing this job is like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill, only to have it roll back down, I do it because this is my passion. If I can help one person a day, learn something about what is best for their pet, then I’ve done something…but I need your help to try to educate others. Don’t fall for these manipulation tactics put out by Hill’s or Purina…think for yourself, use logic, ask questions and try not to give into the fear mongering. Please stop jumping to conclusions.

That is all.