The Cat Mommy? Maybe…

So, I went to Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp this weekend and, while I like my job now, I really would love to do what Jackson does. I talk to so many cat parents who just don’t understand their cats. I listened to many of the lectures and now know that I know as much as these cat behaviorists know. I may be looking at how to do this for a living, very soon. I do not want to have my own TV show, I just want to help cats and cat parents…so now I’m looking for volunteers who need my help with their cats. If you know anyone who needs help, please contact me! Free services for now! Thanks guys!


National Adoption Weekend!

Not only is it National Adoption Weekend at PetSmart, but it’s also Jackson Galaxy weekend in Las Vegas! What an exciting time to be alive!

Most of the PetSmart’s in Las Vegas will be hosting adoption events for cats and dogs this weekend. With any adoption, you get free food and an adoption book FULL of coupons! I’ll be at the Summerlin store this Saturday, with lots of samples and advice for new pet owners…and at the Rainbow and Lake Mead store on Sunday doing the same! Come on down and see me!

I’m going to the NSPCA open house on Friday to, hopefully, meet Jackson Galaxy and meet some amazing adoptable pets!

Let’s get some homeless pets adopted!!!