As God is My Witness, They’re Not Going to Lick Me

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to lie, steal, cheat OR kill…but there were a few moments when I thought I might. It took 2 months, but I landed my dream job as a territory manager for PetSmart, making more than what I was aiming for. My previous employer tried her best to take me down, she managed to deny me unemployment benefits, almost denied me SNAP benefits and gave me bad references, (I believe but can’t prove). After all of that, being super discouraged and feeling defeated, my experience and glowing personality won out, in the end.

I fly out to Phoenix, AZ on the 10th to start my training, which means I will leave Bugsy and Ezmerelda alone with daddy for 3 nights and 4 days. I’m not gonna lie, I’m nervous about it. I know he’ll take care of them, but I also know that he doesn’t want to clean litter boxes, so I always do it and all I can think about is coming home to someone pooping in the bathtub, (There’s ALWAYS a reason for litter box problems). Aside from litter box issues, I’m nervous about them getting enough play time, especially Bugsy, because he gets onry and destructive when he doesn’t get enough play time. 4 days is a long time away from my babies, but it’s for a good cause. I’ll be making enough money to keep them on their raw diet, as well as not be poor anymore. Gideon and I will be able to go enjoy our city, I’ll be able to afford good makeup and all of our bills will be paid, (I’m making almost double of what I was making before).

I’m super excited to be working again, and I’ll get to meet lots of new people, since I have about 20 stores in my territory. I will NOT, however, be “friending” anyone on Facebook. Never in my life have I had to deal with such deceitful, mean-spirited, malicious and fake people. I truly hope to never have to deal with any (with the exception of 2 of them) of them again. Onward and upward!

Here are some pictures of Bugsy that Gideon took.