How Your Cats Communicate with Each Other, It’s Not How You Think

I’ve had several new cat parents come to me with “behavioral problems” between their older cat and newer cat. Each time, I’ve assured them that there’s nothing to worry about and everything that is happening between the cats is perfectly normal. It occurred to me that I haven’t written a post about how to read cat language, so here goes.

Cats do NOT meow at each other. They evolved the meow to communicate with us, humans. It was brilliant, really. They needed to look and sound cute, so we would do their bidding and it worked! They meow, we reply “how high?”. However, they communicate very differently with each other and it can be unnerving, if you don’t understand cat language.

Those videos on YouTube of cats making that noise that sounds like they are saying “oi-oi-oi-oi” are NEVER good sounds. It means they are super irritated at something or not feeling well.

Cats communicate with each other using body language and eye contact. When they mutually chase each other, that’s generally a good thing! When one chases the other, all the time, then we may have a territory issue but if they take turns, they are A-Okay.

I HAD all the examples written out and hyperlinked for you, but WordPress messed it all up and now I don’t feel like rewriting it.

Remember, IF you have ANY questions about cat behavior, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment. I will respond, ASAP!


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