Dogs in the Workplace, Please.

I had an interview at today, which I think went well. I like the atmosphere of the place. The employees seem happy to be there, there are no “call center zombies” and no cubicles at all, which creates a good vibe…and they get to bring their pets to work, so that’s awesome! I met a very cool Australian Shepherd today. So far, there’s nothing I don’t like about the company.

I’ve been unemployed for 17 days and granted, I’ve been busy getting moved, unpacked and spending some quality time with Gideon, I’m just about ready to be employed again. Also, after spending a little over $1300 for the truck and gas for the truck, I am running on fumes now. That being said, I would love to get a job I want, rather than working a temporary job just to make money and then leaving when I find something better. Life is too short to waste time working at a job you hate…and the sooner I start working, the sooner I can adopt some cats to climb on our empty cat tree.


Until then we’ve decided to go to Fremont street to bum around and have some fun. We can finish unpacking tomorrow.


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